Enter the street name only. For example, grant rd or
w grant or grant.
The Parcel ID format is 99-99-999-999. You can enter a complete ID such as 16-23-201-003 or a partial ID such as 16-23-2.
The name may be in a number of formats such as Smith, Pat or Pat Smith or P. Smith.

You can enter a full or partial name.
The permit may be in a couple of formats such as    WEL2008-12345 (Old format)
   08-1234NW (New format)

You can enter a complete or partial permit.
Fuzzy      Automatically adds wildcard characters (*) to your search values. This may produce more results.
Exact      Performs a search using the exact values you enter. This may cause fewer or no results to be returned.
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  Street Number  
  Street Name  
  Ex. grant rd; w grant; grant
  Parcel ID  
  Ex. 16-23-201-003; 16-23-2
  Owner Name  
  Ex. Smith, Pat; Pat Smith
  Contractor Name  
  Ex. WEL2008-1234; 08-1234NW
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